Need allience. Prestige 6k

We r 2 and looking for a new home. We need aw tier 3 4 and min. Gold 1. yktwm68a0app.png


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    Mi_WarriorMi_Warrior Posts: 63
    My line id is hari_ss.so
    Thank u
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    Ragingtiger91Ragingtiger91 Posts: 46
    edited August 2018
    We are looking for 2.
    Line ID: Ragingtiger
    Tier 5 currently. But will be back to 4 with a win or 2.
    1823 rating
    Gold 1
    Looking to improve to plat 3 and go 5x5 with a full team.
    Alliance name: Art of War
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    We are from gold1 we are tier 4 in aw we left season 2 and came back and rebuilt if your interested we have 2 spots
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    JBIIIJBIII Posts: 13
    @Mi_Warrior we are 12M alliance, AQ 5x5, T4 Gold 1 AW, 2k war rating. We could accommodate 2, message me on line jb_3 ric4pp3sr3pw.jpeg
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    Mi_WarriorMi_Warrior Posts: 63
    Still looking for.
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    SoccerseanwSoccerseanw Posts: 17
    If your still looking msg me in game Flashpool Zoom
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