7 Players Looking for Plat 3

We are a group of 6 very active and strong players from India looking for Plat 3 & AQ T4CC Ally. Our average Prestige is 6100 plus and rising Coz we have rank ups pending.

Ally needs to have a strong leader and officers. No babysitting required and has to be fun as well.. we are very loyal and don’t like jumping around at all.

In game ID - Hawk !
Line ID - hawkmcoc

PM me if interested.


  • DRob74DRob74 Posts: 90
    We can’t make space for 7 at once but maybe 2 and then evaluate to see if we can bring more.
  • Hawk_Hawk_ Posts: 26
    We are a group and a strong one so would like to move together
  • Mike18211Mike18211 Posts: 43
    Average prestige is a bit low for weekly T4CC, would bring whole alliance average down?
  • NosiemNosiem Posts: 162
    Can't accommodate 7.. but I can take 1 (for now) if anyone is willing to break off to a very active and very organized alliance for map 5x5
  • JBIIIJBIII Posts: 13
    @Hawk_ We are a gold 1 alliance looking to push platnum and can accommodate 6 players. One officer is also from the Middle East. Message me on line if interested jb_3mj6wc1k3ryyw.jpeg
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