Your Future Forever Home - Chill But Very Active

Alliance - (IPTF!) I Pity The Fool

No point in reading any other forum posts. Your future home is here.

This is an active alliance with no donations required. We run 3x5 aq and secured Gold 3 last season. Currently holding strong at 7mil and growing fast.

We have recently cut some dead weight in order to bring in more active members who wish to grow along side us.

Requirements: enough 4/40 4* or higher to run AQ, AW off and def. US timezone preferred but not required based on player habits.

We have members of all ranges here, from retired to up and coming. We talk trash, have fun, and if you join, be sure to ask Drew about his post it notes!

Add me on Line if interested and let's see if you are the perfect fit

I Pity The Fool who doesnt reach out!

Line ID JTS1985
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