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Hit me up Lego Batman 3 m. Join us very active, maps 5,4,3,2, Need groupme (MANATROY), 2-3 wars a week, help in events, be active 5 days inactive u get a boot, COMMUNICATION IS MANATORY, we hoard every other week so when we hoard DONT OPEN ANY CRYSTALS OR LVL UP OR RANK UP. Tag: (8GRN8) Name: GreenStarz.


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    LegoBatman3mLegoBatman3m Posts: 97
    PM for a little bit for info.
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    LegoBatman3mLegoBatman3m Posts: 97
    hit me up lego batman 3 m. 1.- donate 10k does not matter gold or battle chips or loyaly is good 2.- be active 5 days inactive u will be kicked 3.- Need groupme its manatory for this ally 4.- commutation is manatory 5.- help in events 6.- 2-3 wars a week 7.- we hoard everyother week so when we hoard DONT OPEN ANY CRYTALS OR LVL UPS OR RANK UPS 8.- ASK for orders in AW/AQ chats a officer or our leader will tell u where u r going. PM in game if u want to join. thx
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