Summoners, we are aware of an issue where the Summoner Sigil's Golden Circle Quest is not available to all players. We are continuing to investigate this. We will be sure to compensate for any missed Gold once we have fixed the issue.

Cheat app and mod

Dear kabam u need to do something serious about mod and app cheat in aw. Most of the time people use them and go under ur radar ... report is done but no answer is give back ! I saw a 2 * sl beat big boss 5* r4 md 5 jugg .... come on !!! I saw 5* r4 big boss spidey dupe being beat 1 shot by sl 4* with medium revive only so around 1500 hp . Yes some players are really skilled but some **** still impossible and happen a lot? I dont know what u can do but do something about it. And for every ticket send we never know what the fi almresult of ur investigation ! Thank you
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