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Crits dramatically reduced

John7519John7519 Posts: 22
edited August 2018 in Suggestions and Requests
I’ve bent cruising through the uncollected event quest, up until the last two days. Now my champs are locking up and not responding to any inputs. Crits hits have dramatically reduced too. Non crit hits are 100-300 damage. I just used my 5* Storm Sp2, ( on x-23)(Storm is at lvl 116) at it hit for a whopping 1000 damage. Cabal quest chapter 3, part 2. Latest iOS, latest MCOC update, on WiFi running well, iPhone 8. Noticed this happening a lot. Game will go down, when it comes back it usually plays really well. Then over time play degrades. Champs lockup, damage will be greatly reduced, dropped blocks. This usually continues until the next game crash, it will play fine again. Then play slowly begins to degrade again. @kabammike what is going on?


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    edited August 2018
    Just saying may be the nodes have something to do with this.
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    John7519John7519 Posts: 22
    I’m using the same champs, going over many of the same nodes, but my damage is greatly reduced from a day or two ago. It shouldn’t be happening like that.
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    SagetrofholzSagetrofholz Posts: 125
    I haven't been paying attention to my crits but my champs have stopped responding to inputs like crazy. I just fought the blade on the final chapter of uncollected (this fight seems to be particularly buggy for some reason) I was using stark spidey I had over 80% health and I had blade down to 3%. Blade pulled out his sword for his heavy attack I swiped back to avoid it and got no response, tried it again because I had time to and still got nothing, then he proceeded to kill me with a 5 hit combo as soon as I stood up because my block wasnt responding either. I've burnt through all my pot/revive inventory with these bugs and now I'm starting to get really frustrated. I'm more then halfway through 100% uncollected and now I either have to spend units on revives or say forget it.
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    DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 21,376 ★★★★★
    Maybe you are doing the nodes where all classes but "x" have their attack reduced by 50%
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