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Hey guys ...I am new to the game , any suggestions as to how to enjoy playing the game? Thanks in advance


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    2 months progress of hard work, a new player

    Welcome and do read the link above.
    Wish you all the best.

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    IsThisLoss wrote: »
    don't expect much from crystals, don't burn yourself out by playing for too long in one sitting, remember its a video game and the main goal is to have fun :)

    This. Save units for parry and dexterity, don’t explore act 2, join an alliance.
  • 1. Throw away your bed.
    2. If married, be prepared to argue with spouse over constantly being on phone
    3. Load up on red bull
    4. Regularly exercise thumbs
    5. Have fun
  • You should seriously consider if you want to fill every free time of your life with this game. Honestly.
    Try not to join alliances, as there is where most of your time will go to.

    Always remember a game is supposed to be fun, not work. If you feel like the game is like a job, consider stepping back.
  • I also do not recommend this game to people with addiction problems. If you are going through a depression, have in mind that the game will make you numb for unlimited time and you may never face whatever is causing your depression (making it even worse).
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    Your boss at work will soon find out that lately your’e taking much more frequent “bathroom” breaks. Don’t join an alliance if you don’t want him to think you have a shrinking prostate lol
  • do you have an addiction problem. if yes. drop the Game right now. act 1,2 and 3 are so easy that you get addicted. then comes act 4 with extreme energy problems. Act 5 was made for the battle hardened
  • Smash wrote: »
    Don’t join an alliance if you don’t want him to think you have a shrinking prostate lol

    That would be a growing prostate 😉
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