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Battle of the Tech Gods

So recently, I have been really lucky with the champions I'm getting and at the moment I have 3 tech Gods, and I can only get one of them to Rank 5.

The champs are
• 4* Vision (Age of Ultron) Unduped
• 4* Doctor Octopus Duped
• 4* Stark Enhanced Spider-Man Unduped

Doc Ock has a really high PI and has helped me through a lot of Act 4. Vision is a double immunity champ, something which I don't have and has the best power control in the game. Sparky is just one of the best champions in game, has good damage with poise charges, but I don't have Blade for the Holy Trinity.

My current power team is

1) 5* Ghost Rider Rank 3/45 Unduped
2) 4* Medusa Rank 5/50 Unduped
3) 4* Red Hulk Rank 5/50 Unduped

The other champs along with them are good 4* champs at 4/40 or 3/30 (Hulk, Cable, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Luke Cage, Classic Daredevil, Magik and Scarlett Witch)

So which tech champion would be a good edition among my top champs? Please do let me know with details to your answer. (Also I'm trying to save my resources for a possible 4 or 5* Iceman, but please tell me if I should save my resources or use it on Rogue/Cable/Nightcrawler)


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    Starky even unduped he is going to be insane and if you are aiming for war he is the best unless you run bleed and poison path for which you should take vision up
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    ScottydoosmashScottydoosmash Posts: 34
    If you are good and don’t get hit much Sparky is the king. I have my 5* 5/65 and he’s incredible.
    My 4* is maxed out also and with 10 poise charges has similar damage output to my 5* 4/55 Captain Marvel. I attached a shot of my 4* stats in case you haven’t seen them before
    Otherwise Vision is very handy with double immunity and power control, but he hits like a wet noodle in comparison to Sparky
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    JustusCastrumJustusCastrum Posts: 149
    Really depends on what you need, but doc oc you don't need to waste t4cc on.

    I ranked vision before sparky, because his power control was what I needed most at that time.
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    ScottydoosmashScottydoosmash Posts: 34
    Really depends on what you need, but doc oc you don't need to waste t4cc on.

    I ranked vision before sparky, because his power control was what I needed most at that time.

    Yeah Vision has better power control true, but Sparky has some power control with his heavy. Something like 40% drain I think it is but is only once every 30secs. It’s more useful that it seems at first. Plus when he activates a taunt it can make AI throw specials more to avoid unblockable lv2’s or all or nothing nodes & reduces enemy attack while active. He’s got auto evade specials, stun, his lvl2 is devastating.
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    GrimmbananaGrimmbanana Posts: 711 ★★
    starky starky starky!!!!
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    C4ptainC4ptain Posts: 63
    Starky is a great champ all around as the reasons you have listed. Taunt, power drain on heavy, special evade, etc.
    Vision has great power control and immunities, as you also noted.
    If I were you, I would go Vision. Going into act 5, power control was crucial for me. My team(Hulk, Thor og, Dorm, Hawkeye, Ultron all 4* and awakened) heavily relied on Hawkeye and Dorm. Everyone else was more challenging as it relied on baiting and dodging.
    Starky is not a bad call though, especially because you have the synergy with gr. His evade for specials, taunt, and the fact he hits like a truck are very good. You may outgrow vision quicker than starky, but both will still prove worthy in your fight towards uncollected.
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