Thank you mods and admins for atleast some clarity for this and much aprrciated and i totally agree that these problems arent major change to the game it self 18rgfyzf228g.jpg


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    I agree that rank down tickets or awakening gems should not be given. But I do feel like they really need to think hard on the whole "compensation package" as things are still not fixed for android users. There has been a lot of missed opportunities for needed rank up items over the last few months due to overheating, outages, broken mechanics.... this is not something that can be justified with just a few energy refills and a 10 pack of arena recharges.
    These issues have caused a lot of problems between players and alliances. A lot of people quit. A lot of people were kicked from alliances, a lot of alliances fell apart. There is a lot of people like myself who have invested years into this game and company and I don't care about just having free items. I want something that makes the apology mean that they are sorry and that they appreciate the players for sticking around and to be fair about pushing content that couldn't be played by many.
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    Thanks for understanding, but please do not post to re-open closed threads.
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