Specials not activating

Anyone having an issue where you touch the special button and nothing happens? Its been going on for a while and its on all specials, 1 2 and 3. I thought it was me at first and i was missing it or not touching it completely. Its been happening more and more. Today i made sure to watch as i pressed it and about 4 times out of 10, no special. Sucks cause i jad the adaptoid dead to rights and no special and i stood there ready to take a hit. Anyone else seeing this or is this just one of the standard "issues" so we feed more mo ey to kabam for revives/health?


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    I also happens, I thought it was only I that was not pressing well, but it is very common error and that is somewhat game and check
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    I've been having many issues with specials lately and some of them are pretty old, for instance.

    1. I tap the special button it doesn't work and I hit it again and again and they do the block special mumbo.

    2. The special doesn't work and doesn't take the power or the special does not work and takes my power bar.

    3. The special ability of the special doesn't trigger or it doesn't really do much to the ai, vision's 2nd is one of them.

    4. Special glitches out and sails by them.

    There's tons of other combat related issues to, the game is an a sorry state probably the worst it's been since 12.0 and 19.0 was a cloassal failure and left many players wondering just what happened to the game and why all these issues just seem to get worse and worse.
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    Thanks for the replies. I really thought it was me not hitting it right. I hear you on the game. I stopped playing for a while after 12 update but came back. Theres no denying Kabam are money hungry, shady, and seedy but when they put a product out that is so full of bugs and issues, its downright criminal. These issues coupled with the insanity of this months event and the lack of decent rewards has me second guessing hanging around. I like my alliamce but the bs is outweighing the good at this point.

    I always knew Kabam was morally impotent but i guess we can add morally bankrupt as well.
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