Another request to buff the daily T3 Class cat quest - beyond overdue - way beyond

The title says it all. 100% exploration is only half of one T3 catalyst if you're lucky. Either put them in the glory store or fix the quest, please. It actually feels insulting for you to have this many requests for this very easy change for so long, yet there's in all the threads on this topic, you have yet to acknowledge the problem or even present some BS reason to leave it the way it is. I know you have priorities, but this one is super simple. smh


  • MuzzMuzz Posts: 124
    edited August 2018
    Ha! Just ran the T3 tech quest 100% and got a whopping 35.6% of a full cat. Let's see how many more times I have to run it to finish it.
  • MuzzMuzz Posts: 124
    edited August 2018
    How about some maths!?
    100% on the quest gave 999 shards (out of 2800)
    after that, one pass on the hard side is 48 energy and gives you an average 208 shards
    so, you have to run it 9 more times for a total of 11 quests
    It costs 240 units and a ridiculous amount of time if you're sum level 60
    or, it costs 330 units if you're sum level 30
    5 runs and no pop up offers.
    It may actually be faster and cheaper to farm a T3 in the T2 quest by selling them. (eye roll)

    yes... I feel completely stupid for wasting my time calculating this information. Even more stupid (stupider) than Kabam for this nonsense. Thumbs down on you Kabam. Not that you care.
  • rnr87rnr87 Posts: 297
    I feel your pain there lol its bs but won't get a direct response. We used too get a full t3 for exploration way back when now they want you too spend the 400 units or 450 on those pop up offers.
  • Player909Player909 Posts: 50
    I was just thinking about this today when i did 100% and didnt even get enough to form one. You use to ne guaranteed at least one for 100% and then possibly another based on fragments. That was before these greedy f's found a way to make you pay for them. Just more lovely ways kabam found to keep us spending. Christ they are the worst.
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