Make the game more reliable and smoother

Dear Kabam,

I've been having unexpected bugs, reliability issues, audio issues, combat lags, and unsmooth gameplay on my device which is iPhone X where I play Marvel Contest of Champions. First of all its the unexpected bugs, the game keeps quitting when I'm in arena or when I'm in alliance quest or alliance war, or when I'm playing a quest, please fix this issue. Second is the reliability issues, the game is not playing smooth on 60fps, its lagging everywhere so please fix this as well. As for audio logs when I use my SP3 and I am about to KO the opponent, there are some audio delays on finishing your opponent with SP3 with all of the champions. Combat lags is still common in this game and needs to get fixed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Also my device is still overheating after the patch update so please so something about this. Please make Marvel Contest of Champions better, more reliable, more smoother and not annoying at all.

Yours sincerely,

Parth Panchal aka Spirit of Vengeance


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