2,3 mil chill and relaxed alliance, looking for new members 80k+ to join

Hello guys and gals,

We are an active and chilled alliance and currently we are looking for members with a total PI over 80k+ to join us.
Currently we play map2 for AQ, we don't miss any AW or AQ, both are started every time they are available.
We usually run with 2 BG for AQ and AW.

We managed in the last two war seasons to be in Bronze 1. But we do want to evolve to silver and gold for the next seasons.
We are not asking donations at the moment, and participation in AQ and AW is not forced to our members, all we ask is if you join AQ or AW to also participate in the attack phase.

We have line chat active, but it's not mandatory to our members.

If you are interested you can send me a PM in here or in the game, or you can send a join request in the game.

Alliance name: Aveng Asc


  • Wish 2 join,am lvl 60. 250k
  • akafreakakafreak Posts: 39
    Sure mate, sent you the invitation :)
  • akafreakakafreak Posts: 39
    We are also opened for a merge with another alliance. we have like 12-14 free spots, if any other alliance is interested in joining the fight with us :)
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