Red Skull WW2

I think red skull needs another entry into the contest, class science. Sig ability "You got no idea, haven't I" every contact hit has a flat 5% to break a block or if the enemy is not blocking inflict a concussion that removes half of their attack and keeps any buff from activating for ten seconds.

Unblockable, and if evaded a fury buff is placed on red skull that doubles the attack on his next three hits.


Grants five superior men charges that grant him either no damage per hit, Unblockable and unstoppable for two seconds, or a chance to inflict shock dealing his attack rating over three seconds. For his next five hits that he deals or receives.


The power of the gods

Red skull takes fifty precent of his enemy's heath and power.


  • AnthinhoAnthinho Posts: 242
    Seems way too OP, only 2 sp3 and that's one down in LOL
  • WelderofortuneWelderofortune Posts: 529 ★★
    edited August 2018
    duh that was the point, he should be overpowered he is the Red Skull, "you could have the powers of a God yet you play a Kabam game with your thumbs and think you fight a battle with server outages, I have seen the future Anthinho there is no game."
  • TrollllolllloTrollllollllo Posts: 113
    Anthinho wrote: »
    Seems way too OP, only 2 sp3 and that's one down in LOL
    Well, not quite, since it take 50% of health, the first time, it would take 50, the next 25% as the amount remaining is 50% and 50/2 is 25, then the next would be 12.5%..., but still, it is way too op.

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