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With the upcoming return of infinity dungeons, I'm kind of hopeful of seeing infinity dust return. However I don't know for sure if it will come back too. The reason why I want to know this, is because I got 1.6m infinity dust that I was unable to trade for items in the store.

So I hope all the hard work will not go in vain and that there will be a return of the store. I also didn't know that my infinity dust would disappear. So if the infinity dus store won't come back, I hope Kabam will inform their players better concerning special events and what happens if you don't trade the currency of those events in time.

I remember that there were t4cc in the store for like 400k, so I could've upgraded a few champs and hence the rarity of t4cc I was quite upset when this store vanished in thin air, and my well earned dust with them.

So my question is if I will yet be able to trade my 1.6m infinity dust



  • SNEERSNEER Posts: 29
    Your dust blew away
  • GamerGamer Posts: 6,762 ★★★★★
    Ther also inform alot of time the infiyto Dust wuld go away. Just nobody Care to read thah ofte.
  • Oof

    Also why’d you say greetings at the end of the post
  • MateMate Posts: 25
    @SNEER : I guess so

    @gamer : I normally read my mails in-game. Not sure whether you mean on the forums or via mails in the game. I didn't see anything about expiring infinity dust, but you could be right. It might've just flew over my head, but doubtable.

    @Mitchell35 : good point
  • Patchie93Patchie93 Posts: 1,871 ★★★★

    There was an ingame mail near the end that came with the infinitt dust unit store offee that said all infinity dust would disappear except what was purchased. That amount would turn to gold.

    Had a friend have his 6.2 mill disappear because he had to work late one day and mistimed buying the 5* AG
  • MateMate Posts: 25
    @Patchie93 : oh okay, definitely missed that mail. Thanks for the info, though. At least they didn't go in vain, although the amount of gold mustn't have been big, cause I didn't even noticed it.

    Also, sorry for your friend. I already guessed I couldn't have been the only one in this situation.
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