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5.2 mil ally lookin for 3.5k and above champs 100k+ rating

Looking for 3.5k and above peeps. We r a very active ally. 100k+ rating. 1.- donate 10k does not matter gold or battle chips or loyally is good. 2.- be active 5 days inactive u Will be active 3.- help in events 4.- NEED to download the app groupme it’s where we communicate. (COMMUNICATION IS MANDATORY) 5.- ask for orders in AW/AW an officer will tell u where u will be going 6.- we hoard everyother week so when we hoard DONT OPEN ANY CRYSTALS OR LVL UPS OR RANK UPS. From hoarding we get 450k-500k points on SA from it 7.- 2.3 wars a week. Hit me up Lego batman 3 m if u r lookin for an ally. Our ally name is Greenstarz. Any questions add me as a friend in game and I will gladly answer. Thx
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