Summoner Appreciation Week: August 24th-31st

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Greetings Summoners!

To thank all of you who battle daily in The Contest, we are adding some exciting, limited time changes as we celebrate you, our Summoners!

The following adjustments, bonuses, and rewards will be in effect from August 24th,10am PDT to August 31st 10am PDT:

Global Boost: All Summoners (level 6+) will benefit from a temporary 20% boost to Gold, Experience and Battlechips earned in The Contest. Additionally, we’ll be adding a 10% increase to your Champion’s Attack and HP to give you an extra advantage all week long!

Halls of Healing: The Summoner favourite Halls of Healing event is coming back! Keep your Champions in the fight with these special Quests which are loaded with low to high level Potions and Revives for both Quest and Alliance content! The Halls of Healing will be open for 24 hours on alternating days this week and will not cost you any Energy!

No Map Costs for Alliance Quests: All Alliance Quest Maps will be free for this special Event! Take advantage of this, combined with the boost to your Champion Attack and HP to try taking on a more difficult Map!

Reduced Energy Cost for Act 4: Energy requirements for all of Act 4 Quests will be temporarily dropped from 3 to 2 energy per step! This is a great opportunity to Level Up, Explore, earn rewards, and take this major step towards become one of The Uncollected (by completing Act 5 Chapter 2 and being Level 40+) if you haven’t already achieved that goal!

A Special Summoner Appreciation Gift: No one gift is right for everybody. For the first time ever, we’re going to let you choose your own Summoner Appreciation gift package! You’ll be able to choose one of our 5 gift packages, each geared towards a different area of the game.

Arena Gift: This package contains items to help you gain points in Arenas, including Stamina Refreshes, and Arena Boosts!

Alliance Quest Gift: This package contains items help you advance in Alliance Quests, including Alliance Team Health Potions and Revives, and Loyalty!

Alliance War Gift: This package contains items tailored towards Alliance Wars, including Alliance Team Health Potions and Revives, and Boosts.

Questing Gift: This package contains items for the avid Quester, including Energy Refills, and T3 Class Catalyst Crystals.

Universal Gift: Can’t decide? This package contains a variety of items from all of the options!

Each package also contains a few constants, like 1000x 5-Star Shards, and some Units, Team Potions and Revives. Once you choose one of these gifts the other gifts will no longer be made available. You’ll be able to choose your Gift once the Summoner Appreciation Week begins.

Summoner Appreciation Crystal: Log in every 7 hours to collect this special crystal containing Tier 4 Class Catalyst Fragments, Energy Refills, Units, Potions, 5-Star Shards, and more!

We are looking forward to an extra special week with Summoners, and want to thank you all for your continued loyalty to The Contest!

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