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So its been pretty negative around here, myself included, and since i do like the game we should think of ways to make the game better. Besides the technical stuff like server issues, what are some changes kabam should make before people jump ship. Seems the boat is kind of unsteady and there is a huge iceberg up ahead but maybe, just maybe, they will see this and know they can do better.

1: Better drop rates for the class cats in daily events. They suck for the t3 cats. I remember a time where you could pull 2 maybe 3 from doing the hard event 100%. That was before Kabam was so nice enough to sell them to us.

2: Higher level cap. Why is it at 60? I never understood that. Higher cap would allow for more mastery points. Even if it was just up to 70. Its been 60 for years now.

3: Better ways to obtain AQ AW health and revives. And speaking of, why cant we buy or get single revives?

4: Weekly gold events. If it wasnt for having to sell off expiring class cats, id be broke.

Figured I would go first. Maybe the mods here can jump in and say why some of these requests cant ne fulfilled. Im sure more will pop up but id like to see what everyone thinks good REASONABLE requests would be.


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    If I had a magic wand, to change anything reasonable in the game. The things from most to least important to change for me would be:

    1. 30 min timers for all alliance events, indefinitely.

    This does not hurt anyone. There is nothing where shorter timers makes it harder for people to participate. It’s the opposite. I’ve stopped playing with most my old alliance mates because they want to slog through map 5 and I have to focus on other things in life. Hour long timers make it more a chore than a fun activity.

    2. Raise the level cap to 70 or 80.

    This need not coincide with energy increases every level. But having done all but LOL (which I won’t do as it’s not worth the effort). My only incentive to play is to be like Ash Ketchum and collect them all. I would be happy with a t4cc, t2a and/or some 6* shards or 5* shards with each level. It’s been so long since I hit 60, I don’t remember what we even got for that.

    3. Increase the reward ceilings for solo events.

    When the most I can get from solo events is a 4* sig stone and some useless XP boost crystals, as I call them, why bother pushing to the end? Make it so there’s at least one more level with a 5* sig stone crystal and some GMC shards or something of that nature.

    At the end of the day, I do expect compensation for the countless issues of late. That’s just good customer service. But I also need a reason to play the game more. What is offered right now, beyond monthly events, does almost nothing to advance my profile as a normal person not living the easy life that most youtubers and the like do. So once I clear the events, I basically check out for the month.
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    DrZola wrote: »
    @Player909 I admire your enthusiasm. However, this forum is the place where good intentions and good ideas go to die rough, painful deaths.

    Dr. Zola

    Yes we are all of bunch of savages who destroy positive posts
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    Aww shucks, well darn! I was hoping my positivity would spread like a virus and infect you all and make you positive and hopefull for the future. Thanks for being realists tho, for a second I was trying to counter my disdain for Kabam with some hopefulness but, just its just futile.

    I never understood why aw timer was an hour. I like that idea. Im surprised Kabam hasnt come out with a Quest or War energy refill yet for like 100 units. Shoot...I probably gave them an idea.

    Does anyone know why the level cap is 60? I rhought they raised it before but its been so long I cant remember.
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