Masters of the Multiverse [Eldrs] is recruiting and wants to fill a few newly opened spots.

Masters of the Multiverse [Eldrs] has a few available alliance spots to be filled and we're looking for some fun, laid back, experienced teammates. We are an active bunch and like clearing maps without all the stress of grinding for outrageous required donations. We understand everyone has a life outside of happens and family/work/school should ALWAYS be more important priorities. Always remember, enjoy the game. Don't let this become another full time job!!

Masters of the Multiverse [Eldrs] by the numbers:
• AQ maps 4/4/4/4/4 (Advanced)
• AW three times a week, currently Tier 8: M/W/Su
• War Rating: 1,024, Season 2, Silver 2
• Alliance Rating: 9.35 mil
• Average Member Rating: 359,599

We always have at least 2 BGs going for both AQ and AW. The first two we play competitively and we reserve the 3 BG for members who cannot commit 100% and have other life stuff going on, but still want to contribute.

Summoners MUST be able to successfully complete, at minimum, AQ map 4 and simultaneously run AW without a strain in your champion roster. Meaning, have a dedicated 3 man AQ clearing team, separate 3 man AW Offense, and 5 solid AW defenders.

BIWEEKLY Summoner Advancement Schedule with goal of 320k milestone rewards. No zeroes in multi-day Alliance Events!!

Minimum participation scores:
Completion/12K, SA/7K & Item Use/2K.

Modest Minimum Weekly Treasury Dues:
50,000 Gold and 2,000 Loyalty.

LINE CHAT IS REQUIRED!! You must have a confirmed LINE id within 24 hours after joining our alliance. LINE is our primary method of communication. Please initiate contact via in-game chat or LINE app: Officer "Mister_Face" or Leader "Perkaedo & Doom".


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