Thank you Kabam for removing the reason I despised dungeins

RichiesDad79RichiesDad79 Posts: 887 ★★★
I gotta say, I'm actually gonna participate in dungeons when they come back. When I first heard they were coming back I was not the least bit exited. I grew to despise dungeons. Then I read that dungeon crystals would now be awarding featured champs instead of basic, and my hatred for this part of the game disappeared and was replaced with excitement. Now I won't have to worry about doing all that work just to get 1 Sig level on my crappiest champ. I could handle 20 Sig levels on a crappy champ and shards and iso just fine.

Once again, thanks Kabam for listening to community feedback and learning from your mistakes and making the necessary changes. I must say that at least for the moment, I am satisfied with Kabam.


  • Tthunder2058Tthunder2058 Posts: 103
    I hardly played is this the one where you needed 15 members to actually get a reward
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