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Spidey back to punching an evading at the same time after 14.0

JaffacakedJaffacaked Posts: 1,415 ★★★★
Title says it it all,the update before 14.0 stopped this for me an now it's back. Anyone else getting this
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Android 7.0


  • shingbabshingbab Posts: 120
    Was present before and after....

  • JaffacakedJaffacaked Posts: 1,415 ★★★★
    For me I think it was 13.0 or 13.1 update seemed to stop it but now it's back. Every update they have claimed to fix it but don't lol
  • NMEONESNMEONES Posts: 260 ★★
    I'm pretty sure that's a different glitch. It doesn't just happen with Spiderman.. it happened to me vs a few different non evading champs. It's when you both attack at the same time both hits connect... maybe I'm wrong and there's just 2 seperate glitchs.
  • shingbabshingbab Posts: 120
    edited July 2017
    I don't think there's a thing in the game where you both score a hit at the same time.
    Either spidey should evade (because he's going to get hit) or should hit. He should't be able to do both at the same time.
    I welcome @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Iko etc to correct me if I'm wrong.


    Look at this ^^ I get hit, and he evades at the same time. I don't score a hit at all (the red dmg on spidey is the last tick of degen).
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