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Is it normal for the price to be drastically increasing in within 24 hours before the rank up bundles expire?
my other device show different amount of prices same goes to other devices.. the price is much higher now compare to 5 hours ago.



  • MayhemEffectMayhemEffect Posts: 112
    I have had issues of things not displaying the in the appropriate currency on occasion when google does not log in, meaning the value I see if not logged into google play is lower than the actual price.

    Are you in the US or is there currency conversion involved?
  • KaboomKaboom Posts: 16
    im not from US. something to do with the world currency fluctuations or kabam strategic financial mgmt?

    just curious. if so,next time i will purchase when the price is lower (beginning of the offer)
  • GamerGamer Posts: 5,853 ★★★★
    All in EU appel has tourn op the prize.
  • Gamer wrote: »
    All in EU appel has tourn op the prize.

    That's correct, but apparently this offers are ... bug?
    The prices went up by 10%. So, the 4-star offer is 55 euros. However, 3-star offer is just 10 euros. It didn't went up of price
  • KaboomKaboom Posts: 16
    they should have make this offers once a week or twice a month with affordable price or with more add ons
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