Dungeons bug on Coward node? [Merged Threads]

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In this fight I fought Symbiote Spider-Man in dungeons 4 room 3. I fought against a Coward node and when I entered the fight Spider-Man was unblockable on all attacks. I don't see where he would be unblockable.

I also have a question about the same node. When you hold block, does the enemy continuously lose damage or do you have to go in and out of your block to continue damage. I don't remember having to do it that way.
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    Coward node gives the opponent permanent unblockable on all attacks, but nowhere on the node does it say anything about that.


    It used to say that, but not anymore. So I figured that the node was changed. Costed me a dungeon tier 7 run.

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    Anytime you block he is unblockable, so you have to play the intercept game. Also, if it hasnt changed, you just keep mashing the block button and they lose health.
  • That is traditionally how the node worked in the last dungeon build. Defender is unblockable and you have to go in and out of block. Interesting, that it doesn't seem to mention the unblockable part in the new description though..and is the 1% damage cap new? Was that supposed to replace the unblockable part of the node? But, instead it stacked?:)
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    Haven't done one yet..
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    I confirm this. It happened with me today, and lost the first battle due to this.
    It doesn't say anything about the defender being unblockable
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    I was just annoyed about the fact that it said nothing about being unblockable.
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    What was from the incoming nodes? Lol
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    It need to say unbkabbel
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    Yes knew I wasn’t crazy...just happed to me as well. Was wondering wtf?
  • Hi all,

    We are looking into this issue now and will update this thread when we have more information. Thanks!
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    They’re looking into it guys! Yay! Maybe a 22.0 fix
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    Hey All,

    We've talked to the team about this, and the Node is missing the information regarding your opponent being Unblockable. For now, we're going to simply take the Unblockable ability part of the Coward node out for the rest of this Dungeons period so that the node acts as described.

    We will be updating the node description to include the callout for Unblockable and reverting the node to how it is intended for the next time Dungeons come back around next month!

    This change should be live later tonight.
  • @Kabam Miike this issue still exists
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