Taskmaster- 100% perfect block chance possible?

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Taskmaster's abilities state that for each unique attack his opponent does, his PB increases by 10%. But what would be a unique attack? I guess that means light, medium, heavy, sp1 and sp2.(correct me if I'm wrong)
Now based on that, if i make the opponent do all these attacks without getting hit, there will be an increased 50% PB chance.
Add in a maxed pb mastery, that's a 54% chance to PB.
Add a team of 4* SL, AV, gamora and drax, that's another 25%.
Note: the synergy states '+5% PB chance', so I'm assuming it's added in, not multiplied.
That makes the total 79% PB chance, which is quite high if I'm calculating correctly.
So is there any way to increase it further?


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