A solution to the special blocking problem.

So recently, I've been noticing that there have been a lot of complaints about AI blocking specials out of combos. So, I (accidentally) found a solution.

I was playing SL today, and I accidentally launched a heavy attack. I panicked, and launched a sp1 after the first hit. I must say, it actually worked. I think the stun from the 1st hit of the heavy that makes sure the 2nd hit connects left enough stun time for the sp1 to hit. So, this is what I came up with:

1. Make sure you have a champ with a heavy with 2 hits with a lot of time in between (Ex. Falcon, SL) or a bunch of hits over a decently long time (Ex. AA, Blade).
2. Launch a heavy, then use a special after the first hit.
3. Have fun.

Not the best of solutions, as heavy attacks aren't necessarily the most reliable, but just a temporary solution to a temporary problem.


  • The stun of the first hit should be enough to make sure the special doesn't get blocked.
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