Small Problem, Need Some Opinions.

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So guys, I need some opinions on this. I’m over halfway through 5.4, and I have Medusa, who makes the final boss easy. I plan on going for it after Halls if Healing is over. Beating Act 5 means I’ll get 5 T2A, 7 T4CC Crystals, 2 5* crystals (I’ve already got 5K shards), and 2,500 6* shards.
I only have enough space in my inventory for 3 T2A. The other 2 will go into overflow. Even if I get the catalysts necessary for a R4 5* (2 Skill or 3 Tech), I definitely wont have the necessary gold to rank them. MAYBE if I grind Arena. So what do you guys think I should do? Do it after Halls of Healing or wait until I’ve got somebody at R4?


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