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Is Sentinel a good champion? How much roughly will the 4 star basic cut off be?

Thank you


  • XFA_RebootedXFA_Rebooted Posts: 1,045 ★★★
    3.2 M
    Great champ
  • Deadpool87Deadpool87 Posts: 146
    Anywhere between 1.6 million and up to 6 million depending on how many people really want him. Most of the time its on the lower end, but with blade, sparky or archangel it was closer to 6 million
  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 1,163 ★★★
    I love Sentinel. Have him as 4* awakened, about 35 sig level or so. Fun to play, especially when you rock that heavy/sp2 combo against an opponent.
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