Transparency & Kabam patent(s)

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@Kabam Miike
Since you closed the topic before I could reply, I'll be glad if you can elaborate the following:

You said:

Patent I was referencing:

Whole discussion on the patent:

@Ad0ra_ 's comment:

In short, I'd like to get a direct yes/no answer to the following question:
" Does purchasing items through unit store, esp units themselves, increase the probability of future draws of other items?"

Reason why: Ad0ra says that you never lower odds but doesn't say the opposite


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    So your argument is that odds are never lowered, implying odds can be raised?

    How do you think probability works? It’s out of 100%, or some rather say out of 1.0 where 0.5 for example is 50%.

    You cannot raise the odds for something, without lowering them for an alternative. Like balancing a scale. If the odds for one thing goes up, the other goes down.

    No, purchasing does not alter your odds. Kabam have said so many times that I could recite what they say from memory. The patent does not affect the game, companies buy patents for tons of stuff, doesn’t mean they use it
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