Daily Quest for T4CC; No Rotation of boss

I am not sure if Kabam is doing this intentionally but for the past 3 days, the daily quest for T4CC (currently for cosmic T4CC) has the same boss for each of the 3 routes taken. It has been ULTRON. Previously, there was a rotation of bosses such as Ultron, Gambit, Crossbones. Or rather you would never face the same boss for every route. Once in a while, you might get the same boss in two of the three routes. But, I've never gotten the same boss in all three routes. The past 3 days, it has been Ultron, Ultron, Ultron, and more Ultron. I have not seen Gambit or Crossbones at all. Anyone seen this pattern? Is this a new change from Kabam to this Daily Quest?


  • I've seen the same thing. Maybe it's deliberate, as Ultron is a tough boss.

    I used to play medium unless it was Ultron, when I'd play easy. My top players and my skills are a little better, now, so I'm back to playing medium, but Ultron is still the toughest!
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    I made a mistake in my title. It says T4CC. It really should say Daily Quest for T4BC. And for me Ultron is getting really boring. Is it 2 weeks now? Not sure anymore as I stop thinking about it. There was a rotation of bosses that they had before to help relieve some of the boredom (not by much) but at least you are not fighting the same guy as boss 3 times a day 7 days a week. Oh well, I'm ok with it as I focus on my end results which is to earn that 2840 T4BC fragments total each day for that event. So that over a month, I can get an additional 2 full T4BC. I do agree with you that Ultron is the tougher of the bosses that Kabam put in there. Not sure if it's deliberate. Most likely, just like other aspects of the game such as dungeon, there are bugs that they haven't gotten to, to fix them.
    for the past 3 months i say
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    I've noticed the same thing, and was wondering about raising the issue. Used to have Gambit, Crossbones, Loki...

    It would be nice to get this back to a rotation; maybe updated with some more recent champs as bosses.
  • The fights along the way don't really change either, but yes...it's always ultron as boss now. I play it every day and it's beyond boring now that it doesn't change at all.
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    Somethingsome is right, it's not just the boss. I'm getting tired of fighting Electro every time, too.
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