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Please kabam. Please buff venom up along with carnage.

My topic here is about the daddy of carbage, venom. He is in need of a rework. With the state of the game, venom is incompetent and is unable to keep up with the newer characters that are getting added. And given that his movie is being released in October, it would be sweet to do him justice and give him the rework he deserves.
1. He needs to be able to ignore evasion especially against spider men. It is part of his character and who he is. So maybe, he could have some sort of mechanic allowing him to gain a permanent True strike buff when he faces an evade champ.
2. He should also be poison immune as well as reducing and closing bleeding wounds 50% faster, maybe 45%. He should have a regen buff(not a strong one) once he hits below 20% health. Allowing him to recover short amount of health.
3. Also, he should have a persistent charge, allowing him to carry his replicated buffs throughout fights in quests. Regen buffs are excluded from his persistent charge ability. Replicated buffs can be stacked up to a max of 3. He loses the buffs if he is K.Od.
4. He should also hit about as hard as Spider-Man given he is way more powerful than spidey, as venom is way more than spideys equal. His PI should be increased a bit further also because he has such a painfully mid-low PI rating.
5. He should also have physical resistance on him at all times because the symbiotes are very durable and are tanky. He should generate between cruelty buffs and fury buffs only. His sig ability should remain the same, granting him punishing critical damage output when opponent bleeds.

P.S. Please consider reworking on venom and making him much better than he is currently in game. But please make him have a persistent charge mechanic, because when venom replicates buffs he doesn’t lose it, he carries it along with him. It is just part of the symbiotes character. Like he replicates fury from an opponent, it can be stacked up to three times. Or he replicates cruelty from enemies, he carries it over with him and keeping a stack of 3 cruelty buffs while generating his own usual fury/cruelty buff. So in all, he could stack a total of eight fury buffs, and 8 stack of cruelty buffs. 8 should be his maximum limit of buff generation. So what I’m trying to say here is he gains 1 fury and 1 cruelty buff every 8 secs. And reaching his usual max of 5 stacks of each buff on his own. Any buffs he replicates he should be capable of carrying over fights that stacks up to 5, just from replicating in quests only. With a max fury/cruelty stack of 10 each. His damage shouldn’t necessarily be overpowered but then there’s Hyperion who could stack up to high amounts of furies and getting stronger in fights. It just makes people wanna choose Hyperion way more than those like venom or carnage.


  • Btw #3 the max stack was supposed to be 5 not 3.
  • NojokejaymNojokejaym Posts: 3,859 ★★★★★
  • Just saying as well, don’t ‘buff’ venom by giving him synergies Kabam. We want an actual character buff
  • An_Asian_1 Yessir. Buffing the actual character is much more beneficial than to include synergies which are useful but the character itself is just useless without it. So here’s hoping that they’ll buff him up to at least a Demi god tier champ. Venom simply deserves so much more and it’ll be a perfect time to give him justice now that his own movie is releasing on October.
  • skullduggery72skullduggery72 Posts: 218 ★★
    Will be interesting to see if we get new movie versions of these 2 or just buffed current ones. I personally want them buffed b4 we get new cinema versions
  • Skullduggery72 Exactly. I’d rather buff up venom and carnage then release maybe riot, scream, phage, lasher etc...
    edited August 2018
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