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Alpha07Alpha07 Posts: 649 ★★
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I don't want to be another complaining about this, but...

Has anyone felt that AI saves up specials even more than before? I mean, I feel it's harder to make them throw em' specials, baiting sps before was way easier. There are times that the AI waits until I am cornered to throw an special. and that f**** up my rhythm completely. Especially when the special it's somewhat hard to evade. I mean this has happened before but it wasn't nearly as frequent (or that's what I feel). It'll be a bit hard to get used to this but oh well...

Oh, and I am talking about Questing, not Arena.


EDIT: other thing I have problems with is AI's lagging on specials. and it's worse against Unblockables because sometimes my champs just stands in there and receives the special (even when i swipe left). cost me a revive against Uncollected Adaptoid :/
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