Work/Life balance alliance

Do you like earning rewards while having fun? Do you love this game but want to enjoy life outside of it as well? Do you want to grind only if you feel like grinding? If your answer to these questions is "yes" check out Kingpin's Gambit. We run 2 bg for the full aq and aw cycles. We currently run between tiers 3-7 in aw (hard) and generally run map 3 in aq with an occasional map 5 thrown in.


-KIK app

-8 4/40 4 star or 2/25 5 star (or higher)

-enough 3/30 4* or higher to comfortably join AQ, AW, and quest if you want to

-21 or older

For more information contact:

Erie1 (in game)/Erie1918 (Kik)

The3rdLebo (in game)/cinnamanBuns (Kik)

Current openings: 2
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