Upcoming Changes to Mystic Dispersion and Dexterity

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In June, we held a Beta Test for some potential changes to Mystic Dispersion and Dexterity. We received a lot of feedback from our Beta Testers, and are pleased to announce that we are now ready to move ahead with the changes as they had been presented to our Beta Testers!

The Changes:

- Mystic Dispersion now only triggers when a Buff on the Opponent is Nullified or Expires (specifically meaning the Buff lasts its full duration).
- Dexterity no longer triggers a Precision Buff if one is already active. The Precision Buff now converts to one with a short duration after landing a hit. The length of the duration scales depending on how many ranks are active in Dexterity.

These changes were based on a lot of feedback we had received on these two masteries in the past, and were well received by our Beta Testers.

We believe that even with these changes, Mystic Dispersion will still be a very powerful and effective Mastery, but realize that some Summoners may no longer wish to make use of it. Therefor, we have created a plan to give all players a chance to test out the new Mystic Dispersion, but also have the option to reallocate their resources away from Mystic Dispersion if they so choose.

- On August 31st, we will lock the ability to purchase any more levels of Mystic Dispersion. This is also when we will be taking our “snapshot” of Summoner Masteries, and Mastery Core inventories. Any Mastery cores purchased after this date will not be refunded.
- On September 5th, with the release of our next update, we will activate the new version of Mystic Dispersion.
- You’ll then have 6 days to test out the new Mystic Dispersion, because on September 11th (during the Scheduled Maintenance), we will remove Mystic Dispersion from all Summoner’s Masteries and refund all of the Loyalty or Units that were spent on Mystic Mastery Cores. Any Mystic Mastery Cores that were “found” or gifted will be refunded as Loyalty as well. Any Cores in your Inventory will be refunded and removed.
- On September 11th, Mystic Dispersion will once again be available to be purchased, and Ranked Up again.

You will then have the option to once again purchase the Mastery Cores necessary to Unlock and Rank Up Mystic Dispersion, For the week following September 11th, Mystic Mastery Cores will be available in the Loyalty and Mastery store, and there will be no cost to rank up your Masteries!

Now, you’ll probably have a lot of questions regarding the actual changes themselves, so we’ve compiled a number of the questions that our Beta Testers had asked us into a handy FAQ for you!


What were you trying to address with these changes?
The biggest issue we're attempting to address is feeling like there's no way to play around Mystic Dispersion in difficult Alliance Wars fights. We still want it to trigger, but to for you to feel like you have more control over when it does trigger.

Can you explain the changes to Mystic Dispersion?
Mystic Dispersion now only triggers when a Buff's Duration Fully Expires, or when the Buff is Nullified. This includes any “nullify like” ability, including Stagger, Fate Seal (when removing Prior Buffs), Counterspell, etc., and even Armor Break if it removes an Armor Up Buff (but not an Armor Up passive). Basically when a Champion removes or consumes their own Buff with one of their own abilities, it won’t set off Mystic Dispersion. It's intended to be a fairly minor change as one of our goals is to change Mystic Dispersion and Dexterity as little as possible.

Can you explain the change to Dexterity?
A successful Dexterity will still trigger a Precision Buff that lasts until your next hit, however now when it's removed by landing that hit, it's replaced by one with a short duration. This duration will increase based on what level of Dexterity you have. The buff will also no longer refresh after multiple Dexterity Evades are done in a row without removing the Buff (by landing a hit, getting nullified, etc).

Does this mean that Dexterity will no longer trigger Mystic Dispersion?
No. The expiration of the Precision Buff’s duration will still trigger Mystic Dispersion, but the changes to Dexterity will help you control how often you trigger it much more than before, and won’t turn Dexterity into a Mystic Dispersion fueling machine.

Is the Precision Buff from Dexterity now a Passive Effect?
No. It is still an active buff that can be nullified and can interact with other abilities.

If my Champion consumes their own Buff, will it trigger Mystic Dispersion? For example, when Medusa consumes 3 Fury Buffs to Auto-Block.
No. This will not trigger Mystic Dispersion, as the Buff is neither expiring, nor being nullified. One exception to this rule (at this time) is Rogue. We’re currently testing a fix for this that we hope to have released in our next build, but she should not trigger Mystic Dispersion on the Buffs that she copies.

Why didn’t you just remove the Precision Buff from Dexterity?
This is something we considered, but we want to maintain the relationship of 2 of the most popular masteries (Dexterity and Parry) being tied to a Buff and a Debuff.

I haven’t purchased Rank 1/2/3/4/5 of Mystic Dispersion yet, but I have some Mastery Cores in my inventory, will they be refunded as well?
Yes. The refund for Mystic Dispersion will be based on how many Mystic Mastery Cores you have purchased, and not on the level of Mystic Dispersion that you have unlocked.

You might have some more questions! Ask them over in our Discussion Thread here.


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