Proving Grounds Maps Not Random?

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So, since I've finished all of this month's EQ and GP's stuff that care to do, the last few days I decided that I'd do some Proving Grounds for catas to make use of my energy. At first, it was the t2cc ones for a few days, then a few days of the t4b shard ones.

And I noticed that I had the exact same map every time I would rerun that map for each day. For instance, yesterday's t4b shard map was the vertically oriented map with electro as the 1st node on the hard path to the left, and again further down that map, middle path had the back to back Hulk midway through, etc. And Ultron as the final boss.

All three runs.

Today, it is the horizontally oriented map with OG Spidey at the start of the hard path, Electro at the start of the mid path, and Hulk at the start of the easy path. Again, it had Ultron as the final boss.

All FOUR runs. And by four runs, I mean I ran it 3 times for the 100%, then started it once more just to look, confirmed it hadn't changed, then cancelled out.

Now, RNG could have happened, and I got the exact same map every single time, but I recall the t2cc maps were always the same as well, and I reran those maps several times. So, it seemed a little uncanny to simply write it off to RNG.

So, anyone else notice the same thing?


  • dkatryldkatryl Posts: 673 ★★★
    Another 3 runs of the T4B shard Proving Ground, another 3 exact same map with Ultron as the boss.

    What happened to the Loki, AV, CB, or Gambit boss maps?
    not a big deal really
  • Justice16Justice16 Posts: 2
    I noticed this too. Is it a bug Kabam? Tier 4 basic proving grounds is so boring now... much prefer having different bosses each time
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