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3k Prestige player with 5-6h/day gameplay looking for active AW, AQ and SA Alliance

Hi guys, I’m currently in a Bronze 2 Alliance (3M rating, 700 War rating) but looking to move to a more AW-active Alliance. I was previously an Officer in a Silver 3 Alliance (1.5M rating, 1200 War rating) and left because the overall rating was too Low, hence alliance event rewards were Low too

My gameplay:
- 6-hour daily play
- Arena grinder (all 4* Basics, twice each, the past 3 months)
- Currently at Act 5.1.6

My averages
- 3018 prestige
- 20-23k 7-Day Summoner Advancement
- 2.5-3k 3-Day Item Use
- 30-40k 3-Day Quest completion
- 25-30k 3-Day Arena Wins
- 18-24k Event Completion

What I’m looking for in an Alliance:
- AW at least Silver/Tier 12 War Rating
- AQ Map 2 and above
- Weekly AWs (the more the merrier)
- Weekly AQs (likewise)
- 3-Day/7-Day event rewards at least hitting 5* shard milestones (if you’re lacking an extra boost, I can help you reach 5* shards)



DM me here, or add me on MCOC (VERNVARIN). Able to join any Line/Whatsapp Group. Line ID @vernvarin.
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