15.7 Mil alli looking for one 6k+ prestige

We're a highly organised UK/EU based alliance looking for one skilled player who can clear their paths all 5 days on map 5.

We are looking to potentially start running some map 6 with the start of the new season but will have at least one bg permanently on map 5 so there is no pressure if you don't want to do map 6.

We currently score around 124+ million in AQ with a starting prestige of 6130 and rising on a weekly basis.

Gold 1 all seasons for aw

What we require from you:

6k minimum prestige.

Donations are:

130k gold.
30k battle chips.
12.5k loyalty.

Event minimums:

Completion 15k.
Item use 2.5k.
Arena events optional.

If you're interested contact me.

Line I.d. and ign are both:



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