War synergies

Hey administrators. Would it be possible to get a couple rank down tickets for my rank 4 five stars. I specifically ranked up a couple only for war defense that was to build on the synergies. Since that was pointless the champs are kinda pointless


  • DarthHaasDarthHaas Posts: 384 ★★
    Ps I’m not peeved that the war synergies are not active I’m just upset that I wasted 8 tier 2 alphas thinking they where
  • GamerGamer Posts: 7,468 ★★★★★
    Who didt u rank. Op for it
  • DarthHaasDarthHaas Posts: 384 ★★
    I did Thor ragnorak and Hela along with NC and Red Cyclopes. They good champs but would not have taken them to rank 4 unless defense.
  • DarthHaasDarthHaas Posts: 384 ★★
    Prob would have left Hela and red back at rank 3
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