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“Hola’ my prestigeous Amigo! Over 7k eh? Not bad. You should give these guys a chance to lure show you their secret lair full of rainbows and chimichangas. You might even want to stay a while” - DP

Hey friends,
Are you tired of stressing over AW? Are you and your roster capable of earning decent rewards without pressuring yourself and those around you until all the fun is sucked out of this game? We’re a team of great guys capable of finishing platinum without killing ourselves or our wallets. We don’t cheat and we don’t rule over our members. Just do you and be awesome. We use Discord for comms which makes the experience of playing and socializing together easy and fun. Follow the link and spend 5 minutes chatting it up with us to see if it’s a good fit. You might even want to stay a while.




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  • MuzzMuzz Posts: 124
    If you aren’t on Discord yet, don’t be afraid. It’s awesome. And don’t be fooled by our laid back approach. Our defense is stacked and we have some really skilled players in our mix. If we push hard, we should be high P1. So why not dial it back for a season and hit P2/P3 without going nuts. We could always push for greatness in the next season if we decide to as a team. Come play with us and see how the fun comes back.
  • Bono72Bono72 Posts: 146
    discord sucks bro
  • I like Discord
  • This a Great group of guys come chat with us!! Great rewards low pressure. Enjoy the Game!
  • MuzzMuzz Posts: 124
    edited September 2018
    Thank you for that constructive cristicism, Bono. Might I use this as an example of how our alliance operates? We are open to discuss all ideas and strategies. However, we definitely prefer for anyone with something negative to say, to also present a solution. Offering a solution engages everyone else so discussion and progress can be made. As rare as it is, we have managed to wrangle 30 anonymous strangers with this approach a few times before. Everyone learns and improves and even a few life long friendships have formed. There’s no room in our house for trolls that never try to help other players. Sure we poke fun at each other all the time because that’s what friends do, but that’s just for fun. We genuinely enjoy playing together and sharing our knowledge.

    To potential recruits: If you don’t feel confortable admitting to your team mates that you didn’t know something about the game, they all assumed you should know, for worry of being picked on or kicked, then your leadership sucks. As for Discord vs the rest, there’s other good options out there, but the notification system in Discord is far superior to any other options we’ve found. After all, it was created by gamers for gaming.

    Lmao... I just had a peek at Bono’s comments. Has he ever had anything productive to say in his life? His comments are not only unsolicited and insulting, but he’s also proven himself (assumption) to be very prejudice. That attitude is NOT welcome on our team. No offense Bono, I’m just saying we wouldn’t get along at all.
  • BIZERK313BIZERK313 Posts: 7
    edited September 2018
    Very well said Muzz. We have a few more spots to fill, but the crew is shaping up nicely. Looking forward to this next season of AQ/AW and the fun that will be had!
  • MuzzMuzz Posts: 124
    Pre-season bump! We’ve picked up some awesome new team mates and we’re still looking for a few more players. Drop in and say hi.
  • MuzzMuzz Posts: 124
    Room for 4 more still. The team is shaping up really nice, but we need more.
  • I am a level 24 and I got 16,822 as my hero rating I also have a discord account I'm ok to join or gotta be higher?
  • Jank39Jank39 Posts: 94
    @Muzz What AQ map combos do you plan on running? 7K Prestige player with OK defence but more geared to attack. Thanks, JK
  • Hey @Jank39, we plan on running some variation of AQ6 and AQ5 among the BGs. Most of that will depend on where we land and what we need to push to get the rewards that everyone feels are worth going for.
  • DaaanniiDaaannii Posts: 27
    What’s your alliance name and what’s your plan for season 4? Regarding aw
  • Alliance name is MAXIMUM EFFØRT.

    We have a few spots opening up. Currently running a mixture of AQ6 and AQ5s. If you're looking for a long term home with great people, come chat with us.
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