Summoners, we recently encountered an issue with the Alliance Quest Setup Phase Starting Timer that may cause the Setup Phase Starting Timer to display erroneous information, though we are working on a fix for it as quickly as possible. Additionally, if the Setup Phase does not let you plan your days in advance, you will be able to once the Event officially begins on the Alliance Quest Start date.

For clarity, the next Alliance Quest Enlistment Phase will begin on December 5 at 20:00 UTC, regardless of what the in-game timers display.

The next Alliance Quest Start will be on December 6 at 20:00 UTC. This is when Summoners should be able to enter each Map.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve this issue.

Really Kabam?

This... is disgusting. 50 units for a 2 star. Which one of your employees at the CEO did this?


  • AppleisgodAppleisgod Posts: 1,420 ★★★★
    No one is forcing you to buy it
  • TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,876 ★★★★★
    You can get the exact 2*s from quickmatch. So this crystal is basically spending 50 units for 1 T2 class iso, 2 T3 class iso, some gold and 55 3* shards lol
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,307 ★★★★
    Hopefully they’ll learn after literally nobody buys it.
  • TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,876 ★★★★★
    Bahamut wrote: »
    Hopefully they’ll learn after literally nobody buys it.

    Unfortunately some beginners will definitely buy them
  • GrimmbananaGrimmbanana Posts: 711 ★★
    Ok? Why are you so triggered you don't need to buy it they were free from quickmatch for crying out loud!!
  • I Think This Is Not Something To Complain About. They Already Have A 100 Unit 2 Star Crystal.
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