11M ally, AQ 5x5, Looking for 2

Elite Force Of Legends [EFL66], our profile:

* 11M and growing Ally
* We are friendly and very Organized
* 2nd Season: Gold 2, rank 860.
* 3rd Season: Gold 3, rank 400.
* 2 BG or 3 BG for war
* 100M+ AQ Weekly Score

We are looking for 2 new members who want to grow together with us Our requirement:

* Active during AQ, AW (communication is the key, we are playing with people)
* Weekly Donation for standard Map 5x5 (134k gold, 30k bc, 12.5k loyalties)
* Completion (15k), itemuse (1500), Summoner Advancement (11k) - failed to fill the quota, we got penalties for you. no free riding
* 5000+ prestige preferred, please give your prestige screenshot when you contact me.
* or 400k+ minimum rating
* east Asia, Europe, and US timezone preferred

If you interested to join us, please contact me via LINE or Ingame
LINE: ardiansusanto88
IGN: Infineos
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