Character Improvements

Angela : She is using sword, give her some bleed damage please.

Ms.Marvel and Cpt.Marvel : They are using cosmic blasts,maybe they can have an energy damage like Bishop have after his SP1.

Blade: He is using sword also.Instead of parry ,let him give bleed damage while he is attacking.Like %20 chance to inflict bleed damage while attacking,or something like that.I'm not sure about giving this to him,he is already OP.But he is attacking with sword,he is cutting his enemies,and he is not bleeding them? That doesn't make any sense.

Both Cyclops : SP1 and SP2 , one of them should give Incinerate damage , they are throwing lasers from their eyes just like Hyperion does. Other sp should give armor break maybe.

Karnak : Karnak needs a buff. He is an inhuman who can sense his enemies weak spots. He needs a buff like Luke Cage;

All Attacks
Karnak gains + X Attack Rating for each Debuff on the opponent.

Light Attacks
x% chance to Weakened the opponent

Hela : Her medium attacks should inflict bleed damage also.

These are my opinions , u can add your thoughts.


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