Karnak to be MVP of 2019

Its been awhile since karnak has been added to the contest, but it's only know I feel as he needs a buff. Latley I've been reading comics and Karnak is acc cool. Let's bring that to the contest now.

So Karnak is known for being able to find the pressure point of anything.
We could use this and introduce a new ability called SUBMISSION.

Submission- In a 5 hit combo Karnak has a 40% chance to inflict armor break. Heavy and all specials guarantee 100% armor break. When the armor break reaches 10, opponent goes into submission.
Submission last for x seconds. It can be refreshed with the third special.
While opponent is in submission, Karnaks attack are much harder. Opponents are also locked out from using their special attacks while submission is active.

This should be a passive of Karnak's beacause I feel as if his signature is not too bad.

Hope we get to see these changes for 2019 or earlier if possible.


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