Who to rank 4?

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Who should i take to r4? For either offence or defense all unduped..
Only problem i have 4* hype fully maxed already

Who to rank 4? 14 votes

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  • WelderofortuneWelderofortune Posts: 530 ★★
    If you are looking for a defender go for IMIW if you are going for a boss killer and can handle the build up needed go with Morningstar, because you already have hype maxed as a four star I would not worry about him just yet. However Rouge is a viable option for a lot of AQ and most basic questing she is one of my favorite champs to mess around with as you can always try to do something different every fight. As you can steal or replicate buffs, any champ that has a buff other then unstoppable is yours for the taking. You will never get tired of fighting with Rouge as you can always push for something, the next thing I'm going to try is swipe korgs unblockable buffs that would be fun.
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