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Looking for 4 to join as a group

Would like to bring in 4 new teammates who know each other.
We have had luck brining in teams- siblings, cousins, friends from work etc....

We are a long-term 7 mil team. 54332, 2 BG wars, donations: 45000g, 6500BC, 3500L weekly. 8k SA min. LINE. Must participate in at least 3/5 AQ throughout the week. (I mean really you should do all 5, c’mon, it takes 5 minutes 3x a day to 100%)

I digress.
Join us. Ideally you have a solid roster stocked with maxed 4* / r3 5*.
However we will consider a lesser roster if you’re part of a 4-player team, or if you show skill and promise.

We are mostly adults. We realize real life happens, but still play hard.

[VTDC] Dim_City

Mostly EST

Chat me up at HammerGod3 on LINE if you like.
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