8.3 Mil alliance with Gold 3 War rating looking for members

Hello and welcome all to who are viewing this post. I am an Officer of Infinity Gauntlet alliance and I am trying to recruit 4 players to the alliance that are looking to become a part of a solid team and help create even better Teamwork. Because as a Team we will continue to grow and is how we have grown in the 2 years we have been in the game. We currently are in Gold 3 ranking to end Season 3 of War. With AQ Season 5 about to begin we are looking at the new changes as an opportunity to really grow as an alliance even more. We are wanting to Run Map 5 day 1 but if we can recruit some very solid players we would defintiely be open and willing to do Day 2 and Day 3 of Map 5.

Here are the requirements to join the alliance below

-Must have line for communication purposes because we are very big on being a great communicator to your teammates to know when a link node is knocked down or help is needed in AQ and War.

-Must be active daily and join each day that AQ is running and when we run a 3bg War. if we run a 2bg War it is a first come first serve so that if you need a break from the game you can from War.

-must be at least 95k player rating with enough good champs for both AQ and War because we do run them concurrently.

-Alliance Treasury Weekly Donations of 67,000 Gold, 4,500 Loyalty and 2,000 BattleChips
. We do realize there is a shortage of Gold in the game especially with the cost to Upgrade a 5 star and 6 star champs so if you don't have the gold on a certain week we just ask you reach out to an Officer or the Leader to let them know you can't cover it but please don't make it a habit.

-Have fun. This is a Mobile game designed to have fun and have fun with friends We are a easy going alliance looking to improve all our members to be able to do Map 5 all 5 days of the week and become Gold 1 by Season 4 end of War and move onto Platinum but not at the expense of life outside the game. Work, School and Family will always come first before the game does. All we ask is you communicate if you are going to be busy or need a day or two off because then we as an Alliance don't feel or assume you are just ignoring the team and not caring. Thank you all for reading and please reach out to me if this interests you.

In Game Name: zbot34
Line ID: zbot34


  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 179
    If you are under 100k rating please feel free to message me because we can help power level up your champions with map 5 rewards while you progress and get better in map 3 AQ and can rank up to map 4
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