20.0 glitches, glitches, glitches pls correct

With the 20.0 update running arena specials are not consistently firing again as well as parry/block/evade inputs not consistently working either.
Also experienced 2 additional issues in arena:
First, when I went to confirm my team selection for the next set (I chose bpcw/og bp/storm all 5*) I received this error. Had to restart game and it Started on the next screen, when I finished the fights it defaulted to the same team and allowed me to reuse them immediately without purchasing recharges. After that set it seemed to work normally.

Second, I experienced game freezing in arena when I delivered killing blow for the arena fight w Thor rag. Had to restart game as it was unresponsive. This is the screen it was stuck on:

I am using an iPhone 7 Plus latest iOS and game version.


  • Zer0bitsZer0bits Posts: 104
    Also had full signal with 150Mbit WiFi.

    Just curious, has there ever been a release that rolled out smoothly without a lot of bugs and issues? I’m not trying to sound negative but I’m asking because I have played over 3 years and I can’t recall one. If not what is kabam doing to rectify this? I. E. Adding more people to the dev team, having a dedicated team to test and ensure the next release is as big free as possible well in advance, etc.
    it would help the player base to know first that kabam recognizes this as a serious issue and for transparency reasons to know what steps are being taken to address it.
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    In addition, it looks like the dev team also adjusted the amount of time before the game times out and needs to be restarted at least when you are viewing battle groups for an attack phase of an active war when switching apps. Prior to 20.0 it was somewhere around 45-60 seconds or longer. It has now been reduced to less than 5 seconds. This is extremely annoying and time consuming to have to constantly restart the app when using a chat app to communicate (I. E. Line app) with the rest of the alliance. Please restore the previous limit.
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    Just to add to this with more glitches, or bugs, or prequel to a server crash perhaps?
    Game constantly disconnecting me.
    Right after a fight in AW, during event quest loading screen, and during multiple other transition screens.
    No, it's not my connection. Happens on both devices, wifi or cell data.
    Once you hit reconnect, it takes ~30-60 seconds to connect, but brings me back to home screen. VERY frustrating. Android 8.0
    @Kabam Miike please pass this along? b2wpgwdqgapk.jpg
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