LAG worse than ever!!!

@Kabam Miike @Kabam Wolf

iPhone 7
All content (worse during AQ/AW, AQ boss especially)

Kabam wolf had responded to a discussion I posted, a few weeks ago, that the LAG would be resolved. At the least, it was being looked into for 14.0. The LAG has actually been WORSE since the update.

The fps are probably half of what they're supposed to. It's choppy and jittery. While fighting an enemy, it's trying to fight them while under a strobe light. The sounds are delayed from every animation. The game is unplayable.

When I started a couple years ago the game ran smoothly. It's progressively getting worse. This past year, there'd be select times during the early morning CT that it would run nice and pretty. I can't adjust or adapt to this.

Obvious parries fall by the way side, timing is completely off, obvious blocks as well.

Is this related to the LAG?

I don't have to explain dropped combos. It's been explained and posted so many times. It's still an issue.

What's not been explained or replied to is the LAG issue. PLEASE EXPLAIN how you guys will fix this. The LAG and unresponsiveness of this game is ruining this game. IMO, this is worse than the double evade "bug"

I'm totally blaming everything on 12.0 mechanics by the way
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