Can't you do ONE update properly?

For the love of... Every single update is screwed, EVERY EACH OF THEM. Company that makes MILLIONS every month can't do a SINGLE update without a horrible issues! What is wrong with you, people?

20.0 - not perfect, merely OK. 20.0.1 - CAN'T EVEN FREAKING MOVE AROUND THE AW/QUEST MAP WITHOUT LAGS. God's sake... Who do you hire? Elementary school's programming newbies?

Samsung Galaxy S8, couple of gigs of RAM, high-end 4-core processor. NOT ENOUGH FOR THIS MASTERPIECE OF PROGRAMMING.

Sick of this, really sick of the incompetence this company is serving every day, every week, every month, every year, every single time. Neverending issues, neverending bugs, neverending BS served by mods.

Now send me to the graveyard thread where we can complain about the performance issues and close this one to make this forum look like "it's not that bad as it seems (and is)".

Joke. Pathetic joke...


  • PaulfPaulf Posts: 11
    Totally agree If I was just starting out playing this game it would be deleted in minutes ,took me over 1 hour to open 150 crystal's today and fighting well that's horrendous the game as gone downhill and what I don't get is surely some of the programmers surely test the update before releasing it and those that do want sacking take take take kabam the game is being ruined by greed to hit monthly targets it's obviously about the $$$$ and not the players enjoyment ....
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