530K PI, 55K Prestige Player looking for alliance

I'm in an under satisfying alliance right now. Looking for another.

I'm play pretty frequently but don't chat too much in apps like Line as I'm a dad and work full time.

Might still be good use to an alliance though as I can contribute the trinity to AW.

Line name is mczout (I have it but am not on frequently)

Game name is also mczout.


  • GSKGSK Posts: 58
    Line me at gskchowdary we will close the deal
  • GorerillaTacticGorerillaTactic Posts: 229
    edited September 2018
    Are you still seeking an alliance? I already PM'd you on LINE (ARgaming86) and sent you an friend request an invite IG (GorerillaTatic). PM me (ARGaming86), our other officer OpethFan1 , or my leader ebonhand on LINE for more details. IG:GorerillaTactic, Liam 7, OpethFan1
    About my alliance:
    The Order of the Ebon Hand, [O.E.H], is a chill but active 4.1 million alliance that's recruiting seven plus players with a base rating of 100K+. The LINE app is REQUIRED in order to join, even if you rarely use it.
    AW currently runs two to three times a week with one to two BG's while working towards three BG's after we acquire 30 members. We're currently Bronze 3 looking to advance to Silver by the end of Season 3.
    We run Map 2/3 with two BG's while working towards three BGs. During AW: Map 2 is ran during attack and Map 3 during placement. AQ looks like something like this 32323. The use of top champs is a must where nothing under 2K in AQ/AW is allowed.
    Participation is key! Max participation in completion, item use, duels, etc is required. No donation requirements. We understand that life issues happen, but please communicate.
    Our updated stats are as follows : Bronze 2 - 4,090,609 (4.1MIL) - 1,062 AW Rating

  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 3,012 ★★★★★
    55k prestige, how does that happen
  • Gladiator2014Gladiator2014 Posts: 283
    My IGN is gladiator2014. Our alliance is [1Dos3]. If you are still looking for an alliance in the future, please look me up. We can definitely use you.
  • SoftCakeSoftCake Posts: 48

    We have a spot left.
    We do map4+5 at the same time.
    What suits you better...

    Gold 1. Tier 4.

    Hook me up if you are interested.

    Soft Cake

    Line ID

    Vanguard of Infinity (InfVg)
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