Legend Points earned from LoL participation

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Finally got this explanation from support re above...

Legend Points earned from participation in the Labyrinth of Legends.

I reviewed our available information, and I found that the Legend Points are currently not available for players to view. With that said, players will need to proceed until they earn the Legend Title through reaching the required number of points. Completion and Exploration prizes, along with the battles in the first run of the Labyrinth account for around 7000 to 7500 of the required points, so the remaining 2500-3000 Points needs to be earned by completing battles in the Labyrinth of Legends. The Legend Title is one of the most prestigious and hard to obtain titles in the game, so our Game Team decided this opportunity to obtain the title with a strong challenge in mind.

Our Game Team may release further clarification on the Kabam Forums, so we recommend keeping an eye out for any further information we release.

So, with the above in mind... if you clear 100% you have competed beyond 10000 Points and would earn a title.

That said, I've cleared 100% and I have NOT gotten a Legends Title.


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    Ther is only 300 peppel ther wulf get it and then over No more from ot
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    Gamer wrote: »
    Ther is only 300 peppel ther wulf get it and then over No more from ot

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    Only 300 got Legend title for exploring LoL. That finished months ago at this point. The responses you get from support are generally unreliable, the answer is you won't get a Legend badge for exploring if you weren't in the first 300.
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    I hear you guys, but I don't think that's the whole (new) truth with the new points system.

    He teased that something official is coming, so we'll see.
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    Don't hold your breath, man. Even if they do change the way it's done, they won't retroactively reward Legend tags.
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